Shri Nijanand Sampraday

Shri Nijanand Sampraday

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Shri 25 Akhand Parayan
on 14-15-16 November 2014


Shri 1200 Parayan In 1985 In Ratanpuri


 An Annoncement

For Hindus! Quit the pantheistic attitude, open your spiritual eyes through the knowledge of the Vedas and recognize the Kalki Avatar. 

 For Muslims!  Quit the rigid practice of the Law of Sariah, rise above Tariqat, and realize Hakikat and Marfat through the Wisdom of the Last Imam Mehndi Sahib.  

For Christian and Jewish brothers!  Stop looking for the Second Christ or the Moses just in your community.  He has already arrived in hiding—like a thief.  Soften your heart and verify the signs and the time of His arrival in the Bible, Torah, Koran & vedas on one hand and the Holy Kuljam Swaroop on the other.

ParamDham Darshan

Part 1--2--3


 Mool Milawa 

Shri Mehar Sagar

Shri Nijanand Sampraday Padhiti

Shri Nijanand Comics

*A jagni of muslim Qazi

Anu Lovely Ki Satguru Hadi Ji ke or aap sab sundersath ke charno main KotanKot Parnamji

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